Sophia Prokofieva

Works by Sofya Prokofieva, who knows and loves more than one generation of readers, received many international awards. Among them, the prize kodai in Japan for the best book for children, FIPRESCI prize, the national literary prize “Golden pen of Russia” and other Tales by Sophia Prokofieva translated into more than twenty languages. In many of her tales and plays are filmed feature films and animated cartoons. Filmed the story of Sophia Prokofieva “the adventures of yellow suitcase” (1970) received three awards at international festivals, including the silver medal of the “Venice Biennale” and the diploma “For the best tag film for children” at the V International children’s film festival in Tehran.
She is the author of the script, which created some twenty short films and three full – metrazhny cartoon: “Patch and cloud”, “Island of the captains”, “The sorcerer’s Apprentice”, a children’s feature films – “While the clock
strikes”, “Leave the window open”, and also psychological motion picture-drama “No witnesses”, put N. Mikhalkov on her play.
Each new tale of Sophia Prokofieva – a welcome gift for young readers and their parents.
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